How to become a successful e-Commerce site? WL-Consulting can provide efficient and effective e-Commerce solutions for your business:

  1. Determine online store builder software to create the interactive online store web site.
  2. Establish a various features for visitor and how they can easily operate their order from your web site.
  3. Provide a complete guidelines or FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for your site, this step is very important because it will save so much time and money for answering the customer questions.
  4. Create a good introduction of your company and merchandise to customer/visitor, such as animation banner, slogan, product tour, etc.
  5. Defining an online payment processing, payment method, processing security. For example: hook up the credit card company, link with any online super processing company (PayPal, CCNow, Netstore, etc). The most common protection for online processing is SSL (Security Socket Layer), it enable the high rate 128 bit encryption for communicate between clients and servers. It encrypted whatever data input from clients that store in the server which securing and protecting the processing system. (For more detail about SSL, please contact our technical support team)
  6. The hardest step is how we can do the marketing for online merchandising. How we can keep track from what the customers buy and get repeat sales from them. (For more detail about the web marketing, please go to our web marketing page at WL-consulting.com)
  7. Building the customer database system for easy to keep track your existing customer. Effectively for improving the relationship between the clients and your company.

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How to design a successful e-Commerce site?
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