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[ Photo of a family ] Total wellness fills the spectrum from birth to full life -- your body, mind and spirit. Our programs take in all of you, and we invite you to explore the range of benefits available to you.

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Health Information
[ Photo of a physician and patient ] It takes vigilance, patience and persistence to stay healthy. Other actions benefit your health, too, including partnership with your physician, learning more about your particular wellness issues, and motivation. The health information you'll find here marks a great beginning.

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Island Scene Online
[ ISO Feature thumbnail ] Learn how volunteers have transformed a half-acre site outside Diamond Head Crater from a wasteland to a field of greens in "Greening Acres."
Health & Safety Tip
Happy 2003! For many folks, a new year means making lifestyle changes for better health. Remember, each small step you take toward your goals brings you closer to a healthier, new you!
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eCare Connection

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New Tablet PC
The Next Generation Mobilize Tablet PC has been released in 2003.

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  • Exceptional portability and multiple methods of input are among many innovative features.
  • Using Microsoft Tablet Operating System make this a versatile computer that looks stylish too.

PDA Organizer
Microsoft developed a New mini operation system of "Pocket PC", that full capable for wireless internet connection and network.

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  • It's light weight and fully portable digital organizer.
  • Wireless internet ready, access the data or check an E-mail anywhere.


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