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This is the demo page for display the web serivce and online application for any Medical or Health Management company. Wl-consulting is specializing in web application system design and provide the interactive web service for their need!!
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WL-Consulting are using the Advance Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 Standard) Wireless Network Technology to setup a network group which the group user can be login to access the administration page for share or apply the client material or information.

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For example: The Doctor can use any kind of computer such as New Tablet PC, Notebook, PDA or Desktop Computer to access any information directly from patient's history database. The web application contain a several different kind of search method which it can be search by patient's name, date by visited, personal physican, etc.

There are some Super Features of the Medical Management Web Application System below:

  1. Work at any place, office, home or anywhere via the Wireless Internet Network.
  2. Increasing a performance and accuracy being the examination.
  3. Save time for preparation and less paper work.
  4. Easy to access the patient's database with user-friendly graphic interface pull down menu, check box, input fields or select option.
  5. Easy to store the patient's data into the database and backup your data.
  6. Easy to classifiy the patient's health status, for instance, selection of different level of health status. (Bad, Good, Excellent, Urgent Care, Stable, etc)
  7. Send an email newsletter to your patient periodically or inform a importance notice for any special people via online email form. ( Click here for see the example )

For the Patient's side:

  1. Patient can register a new membership online and login in to retrieve their data and listing the history by date of visit.
  2. Make an appointment online in advance with any particular doctor or your own personal physican.
  3. Notify any questions or request before visit the doctor and let them prepare in advance and give you a feedback.
  4. Patient can receive a periodically newsletter or importance notice via email or online posting.

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New Tablet PC
The Next Generation Mobilize Tablet PC has been released in 2003.

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  • Exceptional portability and multiple methods of input are among many innovative features.
  • Using Microsoft Tablet Operating System make this a versatile computer that looks stylish too.

PDA Organizer
Microsoft developed a New mini operation system of "Pocket PC", that full capable for wireless internet connection and network.

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  • It's light weight and fully portable digital organizer.
  • Wireless internet ready, access the data or check an E-mail anywhere.


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